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The benefits of having a tree on your property are endless: The character that they add to your land; the beauty they offer; and most importantly, adding to the function of the environment. With those trees comes the responsibility of keeping them in their best shape.

Tree trimming is a huge part of keeping a tree looking healthy and helping it thrive. Dapper Tree Service offers the best tree trimming services in Cibolo and the surrounding areas. Our arborists know how to make sure they’re trimmed properly. Without this knowledge, you can actually make the tree look worse and harm the tree.

The right trim can help improve a tree’s growth by removing any dead or dying branches. The tree will look better from this by allowing the other branches to grow stronger and broader. Aside from the appearance and safety benefits, trimming can also increase sun exposure and air circulation, which means your trees will have improved health.

Another aspect of trimming a tree that we focus on is ensuring that the canopy's height above ground level is sufficient. We want to make sure that there are no low hanging limbs that can scratch your vehicle in your driveway, be hit by vehicles driving on the road in front of your home, or cause the HOA or city to notice you. Additionally, we aim to make the base of the canopy an equal height above the ground all around the tree, pending any obstacles that would cause one section to be higher than another.

That brings me to my next point: roof clearance. We want to keep the tree/limbs a sufficient distance from your roof/home that you won't have to worry about critters making a jump onto your roof and finding a way into your attic. With roof clearance, we are creating a separation between the roof and tree/limbs. We are not removing all of the parts of the tree that are over your home, as doing so can shift the tree's center of gravity the opposite way. This can pose a danger in the future. We want the tree to be as close to symmetrical and balanced as possible. 

If you need your trees trimmed, or are unsure of whether it is necessary or not, contact us to get a free quote.

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